You should use us because:

  • Our translators are professionally qualified linguists and have extensive experience in the industry;
  • Our translators work only in subjects relevant to their qualifications and experience and are rigorously tested;
  • Our translators work exclusively into their native language;
  • Technical translation services can be provided in any document format including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe FrameMaker, Quark XPress, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, XML, InDesign and PageMaker;
  • Our use of translation memory software can guarantee consistency of terminology, reduce lead times and costs of your translation, as well as help build up a company-specific terminology list.
  • We translate for several high profile companies such as Ricoh, Swatch, Tissot, Oracle, Paypal, etc.
  • We are proud members of Gala Global Association.

We are committed to quality:

  • Since the beginning, Talkbridge has been committed to setting the highest standards for quality and client service in the translation industry;
  • In keeping with that commitment, Talkbridge has implemented the most rigorous quality assurance processes possible;
  • We promise to assign the most appropriate translation team to your project;
  • We only employ translators who combine technical expertise with proven linguistic ability;
  • Keep the same translation team together for your future projects;
  • Develop client-specific glossaries to ensure consistency and rapid response;
  • Request feedback from clients on all aspects of our work.
  • Best Desktop Publishing Experts
  • Our in-house DTP studio staff members are experts in typesetting foreign languages, and typeset many thousands of pages into over fifty languages every year.
  • Our DTP studio has a broad range of experience in managing a variety of DTP projects, from typesetting business cards for major finance houses, to desktop publishing series of technical manuals in 30 languages for both print and downloading as PDF files from a website.
  • We offer our DTP services as either part of translation job in which we translate and typeset the project for you, or as a standalone service.
  • We provide multilingual DTP work for all languages. The amount of text in a translation can be 20%-30% more or less than the original, so we are careful to ensure that typography and layout are consistent in every language,matching fonts, point size and the general appearance of the copy so that the published version has the same look and feel as the original.


  • We have strict procedures for protecting clients’ data and all our suppliers are bound by strict confidentiality and impartiality clauses under our Terms and Conditions.

For more information on how we can work together, please contact one of our teams.