Over the years Talkbridge has built an unmatched reputation for providing the best legal translation in the industry.

We have the experience and expertise to handle all forms of legal translation, including contracts, certificates, statements, letters, reports, case notes, interviews and summaries. Our legal translators are highly qualified and experienced translators who specialise in the legal field and often have relevant legal qualifications, for example law degrees or legal translation qualifications.

Our legal translation expertise covers, but is not limited to:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Criminal/civil/commercial case documents
  • Birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Intellectual property

Legal translation of documents, often required for international litigation cases, is the area where Talkbridge has distinguished itself and has become an industry leader.

Your legal translator will work closely with the client to ensure they’ve understood the company’s specific nomenclature in order to arrange an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery.

The process of legal translation

The process of legal translation is riddled with bottlenecks because, apart from languages, institutions and legislation are also involved. Quite often, an institution that exists in one legal system does not exist in the other, or the same word means diverse things in different legal systems which in many cases necessitates legal translation for international businesses.

Certificates of Accuracy, witness statements, depositions, trusts, wills, articles of incorporation, litigation documents, immigration documents and property/exhibit labels are just some of the regular translations provided by our linguists in the legal sector.

The process of globalisation has created tremendous opportunity for local and regional businesses to expand into international markets.

Generally, this requires working with local companies, partners and/or affiliates.

Therefore legal translation and document translation that is both accurate in terms of localised language and reflects valid legal context, is vital in the world of international business today.


You can be assured that confidentiality is very important to us, and that all documents handled will be kept under our strict privacy guidelines. Maintaining this level of service means that we have many customers who trust us with their work, and therefore come back to us time after time.

Legal Document Translation – Important

A couple of helpful hints when submitting legal documents for translation:

  • Obviously we appreciate that restrictions of confidentiality may limit the information which can be made available, however background information in both source and (where possible) target language does help to aid continuity of terminology and assist with context-specific vocabulary selection.
  • Specify in advance if you have any particular layout requirements for the translated version of the legal document – for example, whether the translation should follow the layout of the original source text or be amended in the target version of the document.
  • If you are writing a legal document which is going to be translated, ensure that it reads well in the original. A poorly written source is unlikely to become a thing of beauty in the target language (though we have actually been told on several occasions that our legal translations read better than the original!).

For more information on how we can work together, please contact one of our teams.