The Market Leader for Translations of Annual Reports

Talkbridge is a leading provider of financial translation services. No other company can boast such a highly-diversified customer base or such in-depth financial expertise.

We know that a financial translation needs to be accurate and that the smallest mistake could be disastrous. That is why we only provide financial translation that has been carried out by approved professional financial translators who are both mother tongue translators and have a background in banking and finance.

We translate more than 70 annual reports every year. Added to this are ad-hoc disclosures, quarterly reports and press releases. We also translate analyses and reports covering subjects such as bonds, equities, forex and commodities for most of the European-based banks. And, needless to say, that quality and punctuality are our top priorities.

Our expertise also includes:

  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Insurance policies and claims
  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Websites

Glossaries and Translation Memory

Clearly – with financial translation, using the right terms in the right context is very important. To ensure this happens we will work with you to agree translated glossaries of terms specific to your company or industry.

We choose our in-country translators very carefully and constantly test them to ensure that only the best editors and reviewers work on your projects. We’ll quickly build teams of translators and project managers to support major projects requiring accurate results and a fast turnaround.

We’ll also use translation memory to ensure that paragraphs and sections of text which are repeated throughout your documents are re-used by our translators. Translation memory helps to increase quality and turnaround of your translations. It also reduces cost as previously translated text is charged at a reduced rate.

For more information on how we can work together, please contact one of our teams.