A varied background experience

Thanks to our international network of qualified linguists and researchers, we are able to use their experience and varied backgrounds to carry out communications material in many different languages.

A team to meet the specific needs of your project

Talkbridge will assemble a team to meet the specific needs of your project, choosing from our extensive network of translators and linguists.

The team will have expertise in the language combination you require, as well as the area of focus of the target text.

Convey your message in every market and in any country.

Whether you require storyboards or copy, posters or POS material we understand how best to convey your message in every market and in any country.

Clients benefitting from our expertise include top advertising agencies, as well as the sales and marketing departments of major consumer goods and automotive manufacturers.

Advertising, Marketing and Sales material

We have the creative skills and experience to handle the entire spectrum of advertising, marketing and sales material.

No matter how tight your deadline and no matter how many languages you require, Talkbridge’s project management guarantees that your project is delivered on time – every time.

The message is delivered clearly and appropriately

We regularly work with many other of the world’s top brands to ensure their message is delivered clearly and appropriately throughout the world – whatever the language.

The ongoing collaboration with the corporate communications departments of some of the world’s leading companies proves we have the expertise and ability to deliver the best service to the best people, and develop innovative, customer-driven solutions.

Marketing Communications

Whether you are trying to help an entire workforce understand its company’s values or convince a client of the unique value of your product, attention to detail is very important in all communications activity. With us, you can be sure your message will be adapted appropriately for your local market while retaining exactly the same meaning as it had in the original. Here is a list of things we always pay attention to in this area:.

  • Consistency of terminology;
  • Appropriate style;
  • Language growth.
  • Market Research

We offer comprehensive translation services tailored to the needs of clients in the market research industry.

The diversity of requirements in market research is only matched by the breadth of our expertise which includes:

  • Translation of questionnaires and surveys (on-line and traditional) into a wide variety of formats;
  • Checking quality and localisation prior to the translation being published or going live;
  • Experienced analysts providing media analysis in accordance with clients’ working practice and format;
  • Using verbatim coding as a cost-effective solution to back-translation of survey data;
  • Quality checking by our expert linguists for consistency and accuracy;
  • Providing professionally-accredited interpreters UK-wide for focus groups and face-to-face interviews;
  • Timed transcriptions and audio translations from audio/video recordings of groups or individuals.
  • Branding

A good representation of your business

Branding and brand image are often given very high priority by companies, so what part does translation play in branding? Some companies give low priority to translation, and this can impact on the image of their brand. We are very careful to give a good representation of your business by providing a quality translation service.

Things you should be concerned about:

  • Style and tone;
  • Different types of translation;
  • Accents, special characters and font compatibility;
  • Agreed ways of working – matching translations to your chosen style.

For more information on how we can work together, please contact one of our teams.