Founded in 2004, Talkbridge is a leading provider of translation services.

The company works with thousands of qualified and experienced native speaking translators, and is therefore able to carry out translations in a very wide variety of languages.

As a result of impressive sales growth over the years the office was filled with talented and enthusiastic staff, but to achieve steady international growth and provide a truly 24/7 service it was clear that the business needed to expand overseas. At the moment we have offices in UK, US, Bulgaria, Romania, New Zealand, India, Panama, France, Spain, Germany and Indonesia.

All our translation jobs are handled by professional translators who are native speakers of the target language, working remotely while living in their own countries, with the administration carried out from the UK headquarters. Talkbridge offers such great value for money because most of our employees work from home and thus we can keep our production costs very low.

We currently work with many businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals. The core and founding philosophy of Talkbridge has always been to innovate and provide personal help – a much neglected aspect of today’s translation industry.

Our reputation has been built on providing high quality, rapid service with very competitive rates tailored to suit the individual client’s needs.

Our approach is simple. Since our company was founded we have always respected three rules:

KIS – keep it simple – do everything right but SIMPLY!!
KCL – keep costs low – working from home is very efficient;
KGE – keep a green environment!

We recognise that our customers are extremely busy people, often handling multiple projects with tight deadlines. We believe that once you place work with us, you should be able to consider it as ‘one less thing to worry about’. We will go the extra mile to help you meet your objectives – whatever it takes.

Our guiding philosophy lies in developing personalised, cost-effective solutions for all our clients. We aim to do this by listening carefully to your needs and providing the very best service and advice. Also, your secrets are safe with us. We maintain a very strict non-disclosure policy within our walls.

The office phone +44 (0) 203 1375146 is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so your call will always be answered in person – we promise never to subject you to the inconvenience and frustration of being connected to an automated call handling system.

For more information on how we can work together, please contact one of our teams.