Clients love us because we care

The calibre of our leadership, the competency of our staff, and our cost-effective approach to managing translation projects sets us apart from other translation services.

As a leader in global translation solutions, Talkbridge naturally excels in all language services.

It takes more than excellence in translation

However, it takes more than just excellence in translation to deliver the best service to our clients. Our added value helps attorneys win cases and pharmaceutical companies protect their life-saving innovations in countries around the world.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to process new requests and expeditiously address issues related to current projects.

We understand that time is a critical factor in successfully prosecuting a patent, training new employees abroad, or navigating an important business meeting with international partners.

Our 5 Layers Quality Process ™

Translated materials are reviewed in the target country for proper usage and style, country-specific formatting, and regulatory compliance.

Our processes have been developed to work with our clients’ schedules, under almost any time constraint.

For complex projects involving thousands of documents, we organise document uploading/downloading, turn-around times, and communication to integrate our workflow with our clients’ deadlines and processes to ensure smooth and efficient fulfillment of the project.

We have refined our system to allow high-volume translation projects encompassing multiple languages to be handled simultaneously, while preserving the highest quality assurance standards in the industry.