Working with us is simple!

By email, on our webpage form, post, or you can pop into our office. We translate any kind of document!

You will receive your quotation within 30 minutes.

We aim to keep our rates flexible to reflect your demands in terms of language and specialisation. One thing that doesn’t vary, however, is the quality of the finished product.

You sign off!

Once you are happy with the proposed turnaround time and have approved the price, let us know and we will get cracking!

Our language specialists are just a phone call away should you wish to discuss your company’s linguistic needs in greater detail.

Consider it done!

You will receive your translation in whichever format you require.

We can provide typesetting to make sure that your documents are formatted and immediately ready for printing.

For more information on how we can work together, please contact one of our teams.

The life of a project

All the translation tasks will be handled by a project manager that will be solely focused on providing assistance to your company. The communication will be directly with him, avoiding third parties.

Then, one translator will be responsible for translations and the second for proofreading.  So, two suitably qualified and experienced professional translators will have worked on your text before the final translation is delivered to you.

The Project Manager will also be very closely involved in the checking/editing process.  As part of Talkbridge’s extensive quality management system, our project managers oversee a collaborative relationship between our translator and the editor.

This approach has proved the most effective in ensuring that all of our translation work is of the highest quality.
You will receive dedicated user names/passwords for accessing our online systems for:
a)    Uploading documents for quotation and subsequent translation.
b)    Managing Estimates, Invoices and Payments.

We assign three professional linguists: a translator, editor, and proofreader to create each translation. Following consultation with you, Talkbridge Ltd. compiles a “Brief” before work begins on projects.

This ensures that our linguists receive detailed instructions about any specific translation requirements from the outset.

We evaluate every project individually. This involves more than checking the format of your files and the number of words they contain.

For more complicated or ongoing projects, we use our processes to better understand the needs of your target audience and discuss your preferred terminology and style. We will request reference material or glossaries to further understand your company, and your requirements.

The expertise and experience of our translators is of paramount importance. We have a rigorous recruitment procedure, employing only professional translators who have a proven track-record in specialist subject areas.

Our translators will only ever translate into their native language. We use translators based in the country for which the text is intended – which is of particular benefit for culturally sensitive texts.

Every translation will be checked and edited by a second qualified translator. Content, style, terminology, layout, grammar and spelling will all be verified before delivery.

We also perform checks on our linguists’ work at all stages during the process against key quality assurance criteria.